Publish and sell digital comics directly to your fans

Our tools are designed to make it easier for comic creators to publish comics on the blockchain in True Digital Comics™ format.

How We Help You

Publish your Comics on The Blockchain

We provides set of tools to help you independently publish your comics on the blockchain in True Digital Comics™ format and sell them directly to your fans anywhere in the world without the need of middlemen and giving them true ownership to your masterpiece.

Reward Your Communities with Tokengated Comics

Communities are the backbone of Web3 and it’s in Creators’ best interest to reward your early believers before everyone else. Tokengate your comics and give exclusive access to your NFT holders.

Our Storefront 🤝 Your Comics

Kometh Storefront page acts as a discovery tool, gathering comic projects across Web3 in one place, so more people can easily find your comics.

Split Payments and Royalties to Your Team

Using Kometh’s TDC Smart Contract, easily set splits payments and royalties between collaborators. Payments will be disbursed immediately to collaborators’. Kometh is deducting a very small cut of 5% from sales.

Let’s Work Together

Our platform is at the forefront of the secure and transparent way for you to monetize your work and connect with fans.